Urban Girls High School Project











GirlsGoIT programme

NzukoLabs supported an initiative by GirlsGoIT to carry out a bootcamp for 8weeks, introducing software development to students of Urban Girls High School In Enugu State, Nigeria. This is an initiative to empower and provide young girls with 21st century skills, thereby exposing them to grow in the field of technology, choosing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as an education path to have a better future and employment opportunities.


The training lasted for four (8) weeks with two classes per week where students were introduced to programming using HTML, CSS with the goal of building a web portal. We were also able to take the students on soft skills training around Team building, Leadership & Presentation skills.


Nigerian Women Techsters Imo












NzukoLabs partnered with Microsoft and Tec4Dev with the support of the ImoState Government to train 200 women over 12 weeks in 3core areas of Games/App development, Embedded Systems, Website Design. This initiative aims to increase the number of young women who are actively involved in STEM fields as well as choose a career in technology and also to ensure that knowledge gap I sbridged in underserved communities resulting in healthy enterprises capable of improving GDP over the next 4years


Technology for  Teachers













The Tech4Teachers initiative is poised at bridging the gap for teachers in underserved areas of South Eastern Nigeria. Our aim is to first to create mindshare, share ideas and build an enthusiastic community around using technology in learning as its obvious that technology has changed the way educators teach and shaped the way children learn In a recent survey, 65% of teachers claimed that educational technology made
teaching easier. In addition also, 7 in 10 teachers felt educational technology allowed them to “do much more than ever before” for their students. But for educators, just having the technology at their fingertips is not enough as there has to be quality content. Teachers need resources that help them utilize technology as a medium for their instruction instead of as the focus or even worse a distraction. This is where NzukoLabs is providing resourcing, partnerships and empowerment to
prepare the next generation of STEM teachers


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